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You're ready to create your new kitchen renovation in Balwyn. You are looking for a style that reflects your personality. That could mean a number of things. Your personality might mean that you like the minimalistic look with everything behind a cupboard door. It might mean that you like the Country Style Kitchen showing all your pots and pans with a more homely look. Whatever it is, you can choose from our selection of kitchen cabinetry that will compliment your taste.

At MILAN Cabinetmakers, we’ve developed a few key resources to better understand our various offerings as well as the latest trends for your room. We’ll show you how to make selections that are right for your lifestyle. Learn how to work with a design professional – everything you need to know to go into your project with a clear goal in mind.

The MILAN kitchen is carefully created with every kitchen shape in mind. Whether you’re working in a small space or around a large island, we will create solutions for you and your family. Here are some examples of how MILAN can design a kitchen layout.

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Popular with many cooks because of its efficiency, the U-shaped kitchen offers generous counter space and provides an efficient workflow by creating a compact work triangle.

Efficiency has a shape: the triangle

The basic work triangle is comprised of the kitchen’s primary work areas: food storage (refrigerator), food preparation (Bench and Sink) and cooking area (stove).

It is a good idea to layout the proposed kitchen in the actual space. If the space is empty, this is easily accomplished a couple of different ways.

Kitchen renovations Balwyn Milan cabinetmakers

L-shaped kitchen with Island

Introducing an island to an L-shaped kitchen with an island or kitchen table is ideal for entertaining and the cook wants to be involved in the conversation.

The ample counter space along the “L” of the kitchen becomes the primary work area, while the island allows guests or other family members to help prepare or just visit… AND to stay out of the way of the cook!

Whatever the shape of your kitchen is, MILAN Cabinetmakers will turn it into the dream kitchen you have always wanted.

Kitchen Renovations Balwyn Milan Cabinetmakers


Open at both ends, the Galley kitchen requires a minimum corridor width of at least 1 1/2 to 2 metres so that the cook can easily manoeuvre during meal preparation. Typically, appliances are near one another which is convenient, and preparation with sink on the other side. Due to restrictions with doorways, the kitchen may need to be treated as a hallway to allow household traffic to pass though the space.


galley kitchen renovations balwyn

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